Dragon Master

Chapter 134: Real and Authentic

Iris looked at Maximilian with condescension, because Iris could not accept the fact that Maximilian attracted great attention in the dinner party.


She even became angrier upon seeing Jonathan showing his respect to Maximilian. So she wanted to humiliate him. But the only opportunity to do that was the Givenchy knockoff suit on her body.


Hearing Iris‘s voice, Humphrey and Franklin stopped and looked at Maximilian with hostility.


Franklin merely wanted Maximilian to be humiliated. He didn't enjoy the food very much since he was worried, so he took this opportunity as compensation.


But Humphrey thought more in his mind. The bet Laura and Maximilian talked about was about Maximilian’s divorce.


As long as Maximilian’s suit was proved to be a fake, Victoria would divorce him.


Humphrey's breath turned rapid when he thought of that. There was even a beam of light in his eyes.


Laura stood in front of Maximilian and sneered, “Maximilian, let's got to the shopping center.”


“Why not got to the Central Mall? There's a Givenchy flagship store there. They can definitely identify the authenticity of his clothes.” Humphrey said excitedly.


He often went there and he even built a relationship with the manager. No matter the clothes on Maximilian was a fake or not, he could always pay a certain price to ask the manager for a favor.


Laura nodded with satisfaction, “Humphrey, please drive me and Victoria there. Maximilian, you can just go there on foot. 


Don't let us wait for you for too long!”


Then Laura dragged Victoria towards Humphrey's BMW. Victoria tried to wrench free and but dared not use too much 

strength. So she had to go with Laura.