Dragon Master

Chapter 133: A Free Feast

Mr. Lee?


Their minds went blank for a moment, and they tried to figure out the person surnamed Lee.


The first person they thought of was Maximilian.


All of a sudden, they fixed their eyes on him and felt incredible.


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How could it possible that Maximilian was related to all the moguls they met today.


“The food is for Maximilian? Are you sure you are not kidding? Why should a man like him be given such a fancy dinner?”


Marcus asked, wondering if Maximilian had done anything stupid.


Maximilian cast a glance at Thomas and Thomas knew it was time for him to leave; otherwise Maximilian might be angry with him.


“I'm not joking. I have something else to do, so I should leave now. Everyone, please enjoy yourself”


Thomas bowed and took his exit. He took an exhale only when he was far away from the room.


He found it so hard to say anything under Maximilian’s gaze.


“I never expected that it's so hard to give away something.” Thomas murmured and picked up his pace.


The room fell silent. Everyone was staring at Maximilian like there was a flower on his face.


Humphrey felt irritated because what he had done today only made Maximilian seem better than him.


“I'm graduated from a prestigious university abroad and I'm the rising star of the industry. I have sworn to marry Victoria. And I will never be inferior to this stupid Maximilian! I will never lose to a half-wit! “