Dragon Master

Chapter 130: Was the World Crazy?

Although there were only several words in Maximilian’s remarks, they exploded loudly like bombs in the crowd.


They all thought that Maximilian was mad, including Marcus and Humphrey.


At that time, those words might make everyone die!


Victoria was extremely astonished, too. She could not figure out what Maximilian was doing. It was so difficult for them to soften Jonathan's attitude.


Fletcher's eyes spat huge fury that seemed to destroy everything. The hatred that had just been put down burst out immediately. But the most astonished one in the room was Jonathan!


Hearing familiar voice, Jonathan looked at Maximilian, who had just raised his head and was smiling at him. His brain was buzzing.


The Young Lord!

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He thought to himself, “The Young Lord of the Dragon Sect is here! What had I just done? I even wanted to occupy the Young 

Lord's private room. And I even asked Fletcher to punish the Young Lord's friends and relatives. I had not offended a bit shot, but I had fucking offended the God!”


Dragon Sect was like the God for Jonathan. Even if he spent all he had fighting against it, Dragon Sect would never be affected


Cold sweat was trickling down his back.


When Jonathan was about to apologize, the Griffiths stood up quickly.


Iris was the fastest one to take action, as she thought she would get rid of the trouble and successfully escape from Jonathan.