Dragon Master

Chapter 128: The Tiger of H City

Who was Fletcher Russell?


The Griffiths and their friends did not know.


And the only one that knew him was Humphrey.


However, Humphrey forgot to introduce Fletcher because he was concentrated on earning his face. At that moment, he had no way to withdraw due to their words.


Facing the Griffiths who he needed to please and Fletcher who was fierce and cruel, Humphrey thought his life suddenly turned tough.


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But, he must be up to that. As long as he could marry Victoria, everything he did would be worthwhile.


When Humphrey finished organizing his words and was about to make intercession, Franklin stood up and said smugly, 


“Who's the fucking chairman? Now can everyone be a chairman? I own lots of shell in various corporations and have a dozen titles as chairmen. Could I be admired?”


A great burst of laughter went up from the Griffiths and their friends, followed by sarcasm.


Victoria frowned and differed with her relatives and friends on their nasty words, but she could not say something to stop their sarcastic remarks.


Maximilian signed dully and shook his head slightly.


“What are you thinking about?” Victoria asked in a low voice.


“I'am thinking what's in their minds. Why do they mock other people so frantically? One must be a big shot when he dares to ask for the top level private room in Lasdun, Maximilian said indifferently.