Dragon Master

Chapter 120: Father-in-law’s Birthday

Today was Marcus's birthday.


The family of Samuel's second wife had been beating the drums from the early morning.


Many relatives came to the party, which was really a big occasion.


Near the noon, a fancy car stopped at the door of Victoria's home.


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Humphrey pushed the door open and stretched his Givenchy suit.


The suit he was wearing was a latest limited edition of Givenchy, which was released recently in the Milan Fashion Show. It cost almost 15 thousand dollars abroad, and it probably cost double the price at home.


He tidied his sleeves, raised his elbow to look at his shining Rolex wristwatch, smiling.


Although Rolex watches were not of the top quality, the rich people at home were fond of them very much. People might not 

know Patek Philippe, but they definitely recognized the shining Rolex.


Humphrey came home from abroad recently, and had prepared for this occasion for a long time. He even paid attention to such details as his watch.


Opening the back door of his fancy car, Humphrey took out some fancy presents, which were for Victoria's mother.


Humphrey was Victoria's classmate in high school, and had a crush on her. After high school, he followed his family to further 

his study abroad, and got a master degree in Economics.


He had worked at the Wall Street for a few years, and was now the general manager of DK Investment Company in H City right now.


DK Investment Company was a rising star in H City, and had already raised a fund over one billion dollars. It was developing 

very fast due to Humphrey's superior management skills.


Humphrey had returned for more than half a year, and kept close contact with Victoria's mother, as he sent gifts to her once in a while.


This time, the birthday party for Victoria's father was proposed by Humphrey, and he wanted to use this opportunity to force 

Victoria to divorce with Maximilian.