Dragon Master

Chapter 112: Any Problems?

Maximilian put on the mask. Jonathan and the others took the masks of Pigsysy, Sandy, White Horse, etc., and put them on their faces.


At this time, no matter what Maximilian did, Jonathan and others would follow him without hesitation because Dragon Sect was too powerful. If they didn't follow suit, they were afraid that billions of wealth would be wiped out from them in an instant.


Wearing the mask, Maximilian led Jonathan into the Joyclub.


Many people in the Joyclub looked at Maximilian and his followers with puzzled looks. It was the first time they saw people dressed in this way entering high-end places like the Joyclub.


Many even thought that they were the entertainers who were invited by a local tyrant to entertain the quests.


Outside the Brilliant Hall on the top floor of the Joyclub, Iris, who had just fixed her makeup and arranged her Chanel evening gown, was surrounded by her girlfriends and second-generation rich followers, walking towards the Brilliant Hall.


The Brilliant Hall was most luxurious hall in the Joyclub. If there were no important guests to visit on weekdays, the Brilliant 

Hall would not open, as it was reserved for distinguished guests.


This time it was opened to welcome the future master of Dragon Sect, a heavyweight VIP.


“I heard that the Brilliant Hall was designed by a top French designer, and it is usually not open. Today, I have to take a selfie in it.” Iris looked excited.


Next to her, her girlfriends were also full of excitement, gesturing to the camera and constantly taking pictures.


The Brilliant Hall could not be opened several times a year and the ordinary second-generation rich did not have the chance 

to enter it. Those who could enter were all at the level of Chairman Jonathan, as they were the bigwigs that the second-generation rich could not match.


Caelan, who was guarding by Iris's side, said happily, “Thanks to that mysterious second-generation rich, we can enter the Brilliant Hall this time. I must propose him a toast.”


“Do you know him? Could you take me with you when you toast?”


Iris had a slightly coquettish tone.


Hearing Iris's charming voice, Caelan’s body suddenly froze, and the idea of showing off suddenly rose.


“No problem, although I don’t know him, my father knows him. Just now, my dad greeted him below. I might be able to say a few words to him later.”