Dragon Master

Chapter 110 Private Party

Maximilian frowned, not wanting to pay attention to Iris, turned his head and moved forward.


Iris was furious. She was the jewel of Griffith's family and a famous beauty in H City, so any man who saw her should be 



It was no exaggeration to say that as long as Iris was willing, there would be many second-generation riches in H City chasing her like crazy!


However, as Griffith's famous wimp, Maximilian dared to ignore her at this moment!


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Snapped! Iris rushed over, grabbed Maximilian's clothes, and then slapped Maximilian's face severely.


She pointed to Maximilian’s nose irritably and rudely yelled, "Maximilian, who do you think you are? You are just a dog in the 

Griffiths, and you are useless. How dare you ignore me? Believe it or not, I can make you the enemy of all men in H City!”


lris was getting more and more angry! So she looked at Maximilian with a bit more resentment!


How dare a useless man be so arrogant?


Maximilian was shocked by Iris's sudden slap, and then he warned Iris with a cold face, "Iris, do I provoke you? Just 

remember this slap, I warn you not to provoke me again!”


Then, Maximilian turned to leave.


At this moment, Iris felt she was so shameful!


"Well, Maximilian, do you dare to warn me now?" Iris yelled immediately.


Her girlfriends around her also arrogantly accused Maximilian, saying,


“Damn! You are a wimp, how dare you say that to Miss Iris?”


"Miss Iris, this guy is so arrogant! Is this Griffith's loser you mentioned?”


"Immediately bow your head and apologize to Miss Iris! Otherwise you will not end well!"


Maximilian frowned, especially in front of the group of women who were beautiful in appearance but dark in hearts, and he 

was completely uninterested.


"Goddess Iris, what a coincidence, you are here too."


Just at this moment, a slightly jerky male voice came from a distance.


Everyone looked in the direction of the voice.