Dragon Master

Chapter 106: Send It Personally

Maximilian shook his head, glanced at the Mercedes-Benz in the store and said, "Let's go. We are unwelcome here.”


"Unwelcome?" Sasha asked in surprise.


Looking at the arrogant sales assistance, she knew what happened.


“Hello, I made an appointment to see cars today, please tell your manager.”


Sasha was unpleasant and tried to restrain her emotions.


“What's the appointment? There is no appointment today! Go away now. The two psychos are playing their drama, and Mr. Lee, are you fucking stupid?”


Mandy cursed like a crazy woman, mainly because she was stood up by a VIP client today.


It was agreed that he would buy a car if she sleep with him for one night, but after that night, the client regretted it!


"You!" Sasha was about to lash out.


Maximilian grabbed her arm and said, “Forget it. Let's go next door.”


Sasha stomped her feet angrily.


The two turned around and was about to leave. But Mandy was still not giving up, and said ironically, “Buy a car with no money? A poor loser.”


“As soon as he came in, I knew the poor guy was only looking at the car. We have to put up a sign at the door outside our store. The poor and dogs are not allowed to enter."


In order to please Mandy, another male sales assistance came around and followed up with a mocking sentence.


When Maximilian heard this, he paused and his face turned cold.


He said to Sasha, “Buy this store, and fire all these people here. In addition, inform all 4S stores in this city that no one will hire them again! I will transfer the money to Connor Davies.”


Maximilian was angry. The consequences would be serious.


However, as soon as he uttered these words, Mandy and the male shopping guide immediately laughed out loud.


“Damn! Did you two come to stage a play? Psycho! You want to buy our 4S shop?"


Mandy wrapped her hands around her chest, exposing her great boobs. He looked at Maximilian sarcastically and mocked, “People like you want to make all the 4S shops in the city ban us? Do you really think you are the child of the rich?"


Mandy really laughed! What a silly dog, how dear he said such bold thing!


The other male sales assistance also yelled at him, "You two fuck off! Who are you pretending to be?”


At last, Sasha couldn't help but point at the two sales assistances with a cold face, and scolded, “You are presumptuous! How can Mr. Lee be insulted by anyone like you?”


Maximilian shook his head helplessly. These two people really know how to look down upon people!


Who was he?


The young master of the dignified Dragon Sect!


Fabulously wealthy!