Dragon Master

Chapter 963 Rowen

Fighting with Maximilian, the man's brother began to realize that something was not right with Maximilian: he could feel that this man was by no means an ordinary person. He then took a deep breath, and decided to spare no more of his effort.

He thought that he was just previously being too unwary, and that as long as he fought back as hard as he could this time, he could definitely take Maximilian down.

Then he rushed to Maximilian and attacked him.

Seeing the man's brother was about to start another round of fight, Maximilian considered him an incorrigible reckless fool. 

Taking the arm of the man's brother, Maximilian said, "Stop right now, unless you can hardly wait to see your doom."

Hearing that, the man's brother grew angry, and thought that Maximilian was looking down upon him.

"Watch out, brother!" The man standing by the side yelled.

The man's brother hummed, "Shut up! I, Erik, have never lost any fights, nor will I this time!"

Maximilian appreciated his courage and confidence. However, he didn't have much to waste and decided to bring an end to the whole thing.

As Maximilian took further action, Erik was stunned. With a kick right on his body, Erik took a few steps backwards staggeringly and looked at Maximilian.

At this moment, Erik's phone rang. Maximilian chose to stop the fight and left him an opportunity to put the phone on.

Putting through the phone call, Erik in panic found that it was Rowen calling in.

"Have you finished the thing I have told you, Erik?" Asked Rowen.

"Sorry, Rowen. But I'm currently in trouble now — the man I'm fighting with is really a tough guy."