Dragon Master

Chapter 100: Rages

Travis smiled with his eyebrows relaxed and sat comfortably while saying word by word.


“I will not ask you to do anything illegal, just let him stay here for a few more days. After all, he violated the laws, right? We have to be strict for law enforcement, Ronnie, am I right? “


Travis said smilingly with his face full of conspiratorial expressions.


The man, Ronnie, lost his mind because of his wife.


That was what broke him.


Ronnie pondered for a moment, then his eyes fell on Travis and nodded in response.




Ten minutes later, Ronnie sorted out the information and arrived at the director's office. He knocked on the door and got a response before pushing the door in.


H City Law Enforcement Team, Director Anthony, was handling official business at the moment.


He was a good public servant of the people, burning mid-night oil!


“Ronnie, what brings you to me so late at night?"


Anthony's words were like a warm spring breeze. He held his cup of tea in hand, blowing on it, and taking a sip.


Anthony was impressed by Ronnie who was meticulous in his work and strict in law enforcement. He seemed to be a good seed that can be well cultivated in the future.


Ronnie carried the information and walked in while talking.


“Anthony, we caught a suspect at the Shangri-La Hotel tonight, the investigation is now clear. The reports are here, Anthony, please have a look and give me your instruction.”


After saying that, Ronnie respectfully handed the information to Anthony.


Anthony froze and his face suddenly turned cold.


Was Ronnie making fun of him? Did this trivial matter need to notify him for personal instructions?




Anthony put down his tea cup, and said with a displeased look on his face,


“Ronnie, do you have to come over here and ask me personally for this minor offense? Are you confused or something?"


Ronnie said stiffly.


“Anthony, although the matter is small, recently the fight against crime is very serious. I feel that we can set a typical example by making this suspect Maximilian suffering heavy punishment and sentence.”


Anthony understood, nodded, and said with some impatience.


“Okay, you're on your own, no need to inform me.”


This little matter, Anthony directly asked Ronnie to handle it himself.


Ronnie went out with the order.


As soon as Ronnie left, the landline on Anthony's desk rang.


Once the call was connected, the other end came with polite words, “Anthony, I’m Connor.”


"Mr. Connor is calling me so late at night, what is the matter?"


Anthony knew Connor, an influential guy.


"I won't beat around the bush with you. Tonight your men captured a friend of mine, and I hope you'll let him go as soon as possible. There's been a misunderstanding.”


Connor said with his bland tone, which was not a tone of discussion.