Dragon Master

Chapter 95: Maximilian's Face

The crowd was stunned and turned their attention to the young man who had suddenly stepped forward.


He was a very ordinary guy. What made him say such words?


Was it possible for him to be a hero to save a beauty?


That was 40k dollars!


A lot of people let out contemptuous disdain!


The man, dressed in ordinary clothes, spoke like he was rich and generous.


"Oh, where's the poor man from? He was actually pretending to be rich here.”


“I guess he saw her pretty face and had a purpose in his mind.”


"How could that happen when it comes to him?


He was dressed in shabby cloth and was a loser at first glance.”


Many people mocked him and sneered openly and secretly, ignoring Maximilian's feelings completely.


Sara looked up at this time with tearful eyes to see Maximilian, and she was immediately ashamed. In her eyes, Maximilian was a bragging poor loser. Her embarrassment had been seen by such a loser, how could she not be angry?


And, she thought Maximilian had just come over to taunt her!


"Maximilian, what are you doing over here? Go away. I don't need your help here!”


Sara scolded him with shame.


In the middle of the crowd, Wendy ran over.


"Sara, what's wrong with you?"


"Wendy ......”


When Sara saw Wendy coming, her tears broke at once and she wrapped her arms around her and started crying.


"Sara, it's okay. What's wrong? Talk to me.”


Wendy said to comfort her, gently patting Sara's back.


She did notice the broken bottle on the ground and the large puddle of red wine, plus the accusations from the onlookers, and she immediately understood.


Sara was in trouble!


"Wendy, I broke four bottles of Lafite and she wants me to pay 40k dollars!”


Sara was crying her heart out.


“Forty thousand?” Wendy was startled.


Her family was not much better, and it was 40k dollars, and she didn't have that much of money either.


She even regretted stepping into it now. It was hard for her to not help her best friend.


The waitress next to her got tired of waiting and said in a cold voice.


“Please pay for the damage you've done ASAP. I have work to do, or I'll call the police.”


The restaurant was surrounded by so many people, and if she didn't take care of it on time, she would be criticized as a waitress.