Dragon Master

Chapter 91: Bentley Flying Spur

"What? Do you want to say you're rich? You're just a henpecked man who lives off your wife.”


Wendy mocked him with dislike.


This guy was simply so ignorant and insolent that he dared to treat Harry like this.


Harry forced a faint smile, but the dissatisfaction and displeasure in his heart was strong.


He thought he had gave Maximilian a good opportunity, but Maximilian was so ungrateful. At least, Maximilian should not treat him with such a terrible attitude.


How dare Maximilian be so proud of himself as a live-in son-in-law?


Such a poor guy!


Maximilian was just a loser after all!


"Maximilian, I advise you to think it over and talk to Victoria about it. You are my brother, and if you come to my shop, I will definitely help you. I will reserve the position for you.”


Taking a sip of red wine, Harry smiled and pulled out a business card from his pocket, and then threw it directly to Maximilian, just like giving something to a beggar.


"Well, it's about the time for us to go to the Lasdun for dinner now."


Harry laughed, ignoring Maximilian's cold expression.


Everyone stood up and followed Harry. They are totally displeased with Maximilian, and glanced at him with contemptuousness and disdain.


Maximilian was so stupid.


He was too stupid to cherish such a great opportunity.


Being a henpecked man, Maximilian would never live a promising life, so they‘d better make a clean break with him.


Almost everyone present thought like this.


Maximilian had no choice, got up at last and followed them.


He wanted to tell them that he had actually bought the Supreme Beauty SPA saloon, but why didn’t the guys let him speak it out?


In the parking lot. Harry drove his cool GTR, which cost him a fortune, almost half a million dollars!


As soon as he came out, he drew the attention of the whole crowd!


That was awesome!


Everyone was stunned, especially Sara and Wendy, and the girls!


However, the car was only for two people, so the passenger seat became a target of all the girls.