Dragon Master

Chapter 89: Opened a shop

Was half a million a large number?


This statement made both Sara and Wendy freeze for half a minute.


Maximilian, how generous he was!


Sara's eyebrows knitted together, a bit in disbelief at the scene that had just happened and the words that Maximilian had just said.


Wasn't this guy in a mess? If he had absolutely no place in the Griffith family, where did he get so much money?


“Oh, I see, you're not using your wife's money for this, are you?"


Sara raised an eyebrow and said with a smug look on her face.


That must be it; otherwise, where would a wimp like that get half a million yuan just to book the Flower Drum restaurant?


Wendy nodded along and chimed in.


“Sara, you're right, it's definitely as you said! I didn't expect it, it's a shame to be a man to be as him.”




Maximilian said with a faint smile, shaking his head


“Not my wife, I run my own shop.”


Anyway, I can't keep letting people mock myself, a little show of wealth is fine.


Upon hearing this, Wendy stood up in excitement then, her big eyes fluttering and her eyes burning as she stared at Maximilian, surprised.


“You've opened a shop? Really?!"


Wendy was thrilled by Maximilian, who looked like a loser, but he actually owned a SPA saloon! He must be rich.


Whether it's by her wife or not, he was kind of rich.


Then, if she were to perform a little beauty trick, wouldn't such a loser easily fall for her?


Thinking about it, Wendy couldn't wait to grab her small bag and said she was going to the restroom, to actually fix her makeup.


Sara on the side shuddered slightly and asked Maximilian with some excitement.


“Maximilian, do you really own a SPA saloon?"


Sara was suspicions in her heart because she used to be a colleague with Maximilian, so she was very clear about his background.


How could a poor loser like that open a shop and become a boss.


Could it be that Victoria was so good to him?


It shouldn't be.


Although her felt very jealous, Sara showed him enough respect and said with a smile,