Dragon Master

Chapter 86: Oh my God

Laura's entire body was stunned!


She almost lost her breath!


Ten...... billion?!




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With a poof, Laura felt her eyes go black and her entire body leaned back, falling to the ground as her body kept trembling!


At this, several people gathered around, watching and pointing.


“Ouch, it's an epilepsy fit, call 120!"


“Call someone, quick!"


"That's serious, I noticed that just now......”


Soon, the bank staff and security guards trotted over, helping Laura to the side of the seat. Some brought the fan and water, pinching her philtrum area.


With great difficulty, Laura awoke. Her hands was still trembling, her whole gaze dull, and she kept pointing at the cash machine, chanting.


“Ten...... ten billion.”


The people gathered around, all confused at this moment, also looked at each other.


Was this crazy bitch sick or stupid?


10 billion?


It was also at this time that Maximilian and Victoria rushed over.


Earlier they received a call from a bank employee, who gave them the address.


“Mom, what's wrong with you? Is everything okay? I'll take you to the hospital.”


Victoria trotted over and squatted down in front of Laura, taking her hand with great concerns.


Anyway, it was still her own mom who gave her life, even if just had a quarrel.


Since something went wrong, of course she cared about her.


Maximilian followed closely behind, and his face was not good as he saw Laura in this state, still clutching his bank card in his hand. People around him whispered something about ten billion.


Maximilian understood his mother-in-law must have checked the balance, which was an overwhelming shock.


Hey, he must come up with a plausible reason for this to muddle through. Now was not the time to be frank with them.