Dragon Master

Chapter 82: Revealed

Victoria was silent, as she didn't know why she had suddenly come up with this idea.


According to Leila, there were only ten of these golden invitations in H City!


Travis wasn't qualified to get it, so how could it be possible for Maximilian to get it?


Leila laughed and looked coldly at the back of Maximilian who was busy in the kitchen, and said.


“Come on, Victoria, I know you've always wanted Maximilian to be successful. But be practical, he's just a guy who rely on you! Why do you have such a big fantasy about him?


Although he did do a really good job in Caesar's Palace last time, he was just piggybacked by someone else!”


Just in time, Maximilian came over with a plate of fruit combo and said with a smile on his face.


“Enjoy some fresh fruit.”


Leila glanced at him and asked with a smile as she held the invitation in her hand.


"Maximilian, let me ask you, did you get this invitation?”


Maximilian didn't reply, but looked at Victoria and said,


"Go ahead, a rare opportunity, don't think about me.”


Victoria shuddered, and her willow-shaped eyebrows twisted slightly as she looked at Maximilian and asked, "You're letting me go?”


At that, a hint of anger came over her.


Was Maximilian really stupid or was he just pretending to be stupid?


Didn't he know that the invitation was probably from Travis, and he actually let her go?


Leila also smiled. Maximilian was really a normal man consort.


If this invitation was really from Travis, then what he was doing now was the same as sending his wife to someone else's arms!


Victoria got up and glared angrily at Maximilian, before picking up her bag and saying to Leila.


“Leila, let's go! If someone wants me to go, why shouldn't I go?”


Saying that, Victoria turned her head and thumped her heels to leave.


Leila took the invitation with a smile. Before she left, she didn't forget to gently pat Maximilian's chest and gave a thumbs up, nodding and laughing,


"Maximilian, good job, pushing your own wife out.


No wonder, after all, you can't give Victoria a good life.


Don't worry, when Victoria and you get divorced, I will help you find a girlfriend, a good match for you.”


After saying that, Leila tossed her long hair and caught up with Victoria who was in front of her.