Dragon Master

Chapter 2 I'm the Grand Noble


Just because he accomplished nothing, just because he was a wimp and a son-in-law in the family.

Hearing his daughters weak, heart-wrenching voice, Maximilian clenched his fist and said “I'Il raise the money."

Hearing this, Victorias pupils dilated and her heart trembled slightly in shock as she stared at Maximilians back.

lt turned out that he had the look of a man.

Maximilian turned around and gave a serious look at Victoria, who immediately turned her head away to wipe her tears, before he left the hospital amid the reprimands of the crowd.

“Samuel, Maximilian is simply too unbridled!”

“Grandpa, how dare this wimp disobey youf”

The Griffith family, at the moment, were fanning the flames.

Samuel just shook his head and didn't say anything.

Could Maximilian raise so much money?


Victoria watched Maximilians back as he left, feeling helpless.

Although she was the granddaughter of the Griffith family, the financial power was in her mother's hands, and this time it was an order from her grandpa. Even if she had some savings, she couldn't take it out.

At the entrance of the bank, Maximilian stood together with Gene Williams who was tall and thin. Gene put two hundred thousand RMB he had taken out into a cloth bag, and said.

“Take it first. There's no rush to return it to me.”

Maximilian took the bag, tears glistening with gratitude, and said

“Gene, | will pay you back as soon as possible!”

“Hey, what are you saying? We are friends."

Gene patted Maximilians shoulder and said with a smile.

“Gene, if you dare to lend him the money, | won't marry you”

Suddenly, a petulant chortle came from a beautifully dressed woman, carrying a bag and approaching aggressively.


She came up and gave Maximilian a slap on his face, pointing at his nose and scolding him,

“Maximilian, you're really shameless. How many times have you asked my Gene to lend you money!

l'm ashamed for you if you re not ashamedl”

“Emmie, what are you doing?”

Gene got anxious and tugged at the fuming Emmie.

This woman was Genes girlfriend. She had a beautiful face, a good figure, but she aimed too high and was arrogant. She was a kind of snobbish person.

“What am I doing? Gene, l'm warning you. lÍ you dare to lend him money, Ì worft marry you!”

hand, held her chin

gathered at

Sissi ¡is hospitalized with leukemia

why are you helping an enlisted wimp who craft

holding the cloth bag, then loosened it, and stuffed the cloth bag into Gene's hand,

okay. [II attend

and left the

Genes shouting over and over again, as well as the sound of his quarrel

miserable and did not know what he should

that exact moment, Victorias phone call came, calling him

about it, Maximilian reentered the hospital and met Victoria who was nervous and flustered

over and handed Maximilian

two hundred thousand here that | secretly saved, so just tell them you borrowed

card and looked at the exquisite beauty with delicate features in front of him, and his heart suddenly warmed up.Victoria was kind and gentle as usual.But

Maximilian choked up a little, never feeling more defeated than he

Victoria married him, she had long lost her aura of being the Griffith family's daughter and had become a laughing stock

said aggressively,"I just don't want Sissi

he said,“Thanks, | worft let you and

knows that you

said with a cold smile and sneer in the corner of his eyes.Franklin thought they were

leaving and Victoria being impatient. Then

worry, I'll take it

sternly criticized Victoria, and the card was naturally put away by Laura, his mother-in-law, who scolded, “You are rubbish! How dare you ask my daughter for

to say something and

Griffiths followed to spew curses and criticize Maximilian to

caused the

Dont scold my

whimpered, her big eyes were filled


was excited by the word

Griffiths did not allow him to see Sissi for three years, and

called him daddy...This was

excited when she heard Sissi call Maximilian daddy that tears were rolling down her

little girl must be burnt out. How can such a wimp be

pale and turned to sit

forgotten what Grandpa has said? He is not your

frightened Sissi into holding her mouth in and

Maximilian and, amid the angry stares of the group around her, gathered enough courage to stretch out her

my dad, and I want

He is not your father! It’s good to

face, and without looking back,

only have two days to think about it, and you know what to

at his daughter in the hospital bed, and

no matter what, would cure Sissi! She

Sissi myself! She must use my

this moment, Maximilian

Maximilian would do

also sent a shiver down the spines

moment, they felt a strong

This quy...

that, Maximilian directly turned around and left

incredulously. She was shocked

worried about

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