Dragon Master

Chapter 77: Go Make Amends and Apologize

Victoria's brain was now blank while nodding her head with an hmm, letting Maximilian lead and about to leave.


However, Mollie on the side rushed out at this moment and directly blocked Maximilian and Victoria's way while roaring hysterically.


"How did you get out? Why aren't you hurt? Who is the man who was just beaten?”


She couldn't believe Maximilian had just walked out unharmed.


Maximilian twisted his head and stared at Mollie with icy eyes as he warned her.


"Get out of my way!”


The simple words scared Mollie out of her mind and took a few steps back.


What a terrifying look and aura!


Was this something that could show on a wimp?


This made Mollie's heart frightened and hateful, and she immediately went up to him and was about to slap Maximilian's face and said,


"How dare you be so mean to me? My brother and Master Phillip are here, and do you dare to be mean to me?”




The slap fell, but it was stopped in mid-air with a deadly squeeze.


Maximilian directly squeezed her wrist with a slight force, and Mollie wailed with pain.


"Don't make me do it!"


Maximilian said in a cold voice, shaking off Mollie's hand and left with Victoria.


Mollie was pushed and stumbled. She was gritting her teeth, and saw Cole who was limping out from the doorway.


He was badly beaten with a bloody nose and a swollen face covered in bruises!


What was going on here?


"Brother!" Mollie rushed over and held Cole, "How did this happen?


Who hit you?


Was it that Loser Maximilian?"


After saying that, Mollie's eyes stared at Maximilian and Victoria who were about to leave the door with resentment, rushed out, picked up a vase next to her on the way, and smashed it toward Victoria!


Cole tried to pull his stupid sister back then, but he failed to do so. His eyes were desperate as he watched the scene.


It happened all of a sudden!


Everyone was startled. Maximilian felt a strong sense of crisis behind him and instinctively pushed Victoria out of the way and raising his hand to block it stiffly.


The vase smashed into Maximilian's arm, and it hurt so much and exploded with a bang.


Blood was running right down his arm.


A large cut was made on Maximilian's arm.


Victoria's eyes widened and her heart burned with anxiety as she lunged over and looked at Maximilian's blood-covered arms.


At this moment, she was totally pissed off. She turned around, stomped on her high heels and walked to Mollie. She raised her hand, slapped harshly on Mollie's face, and said with rage.


"Mollie, this slap is for you in return!"