Dragon Master

Chapter 1 Uncle, I'm in Pain


“Young lord, it's been four years and it's time for you to go back. The Dragon Lord asked me to take you back to the Dragon Sect.”


“The Dragon Sect is now in trouble with internal turmoil and external threats. The Dragon Lord is seriously ill and the Eldest Young lord, your brother is still in a coma. Only you can lead the Dragon Sect now.”


A Rolls Royce Phantom was parked outside the door of the Supreme Beauty SPA, and a senior man was standing by the door, talking to Maximilian who was serene and calÌm.


Samuel was dressed in a British suit, with a black gentleman cap and carried a black and gold cane.


"It has been four years, and he still had me in his mind.”


Maximilian faintly sneered, and his eyes were silent, with no illusions about the Dragon Sect long ago.


"When my father listened to that woman and ruthlessly drove my mother and me out of the Dragon Sect because | was his illegitimate son, a bastard in their minds!During all these years, has he ever cared about my mother or me?”


“Now, | have to go back when he summons me? Am lI, Maximilian, a dog of the Dragon Sect?


Am I the one who should always follow their orders?”


“I have my own family. | don't need anyone's pity, especially the Dragon Sectl


Go back and leave me alone!”


Maximilian said in a cold voice, stepping away and turning around to enter the SPA shop, leaving Samuel at the door with a sigh.


Dragon Sect, the world's number one mysterious organization in charge of top medical, mineral, and other resources is the richest and the powerful organization in the world! As the most ancient family with the longest heritage, no one dared to mess with it!


Within the Dragon Sect, the leader of the sect was the Dragon Lord, and under his command, there are eight Dragon Kings, each ruled one section of the world, with immeasurable wealth and power!


And the world's supreme Fighting masters and Kung Fu Masters were all disciples of the Dragon Sect, and they took orders from the Dragon Lord!


Maximilian opened the door and a bunch of employees from the SPA shop looked at him with strange eyes.


Maximilian, who worked for four years in the shop, was a completely insignificant person.