Dragon Master

Chapter 67: Dismissal

“Bianca?” Maximilian'’s face was cold as he said,


“I'm not happy with you, and I'm not happy with the setup of the concert hall this time. ”


Bianca was so scared that her heart was thumping, and her legs were trembling, and her hands were also sweating.


“Mr. Maximilian, I'm sorry, I made poor arrangements and I didn't know you were coming over early.”


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Bianca bent over while looking incredibly respectful and terrified at the moment!


He was the mysterious Mr. Maximilian, who chartered the concert hall!


More than that, he was the big man that her big boss had told her again and again to take care of.


Why? Because the richest man in the entire state, Master Wilfred, personally came to the big boss and chartered the entire concert hall!


Mr. Wilfred was a man of great power!


As she knew, the owner of this Vienna Music Hall was a ruthless man in H City, one of the four masters of the Underground, Phillip. He was popular in both the black and white, and had social connections with both government officials and their illegal counterparts.


Who was Phillip? No one in the whole of H City didn't know his name!


Started as a gangster, he climbed step by step to the throne of one of H City's four underground masters!


Among the Four masters, his reputation was definitely not below that of H City's Top Master Connor Davies!


Both the black and white couldn't ignore him at all.


It was said that as long as Phillip said one word, there was nothing he couldn't do in the whole H City.


Over the years, Bianca had followed Phillip, and achieved a very successful career in H City while getting into the upper echelons of the city.


A haughty woman like her would not normally bow to anyone, but at this moment, she bowed to Maximilian.


Because, she knew exactly what kind of character this young man standing in front of her was!


When Phillip met Wilfred yesterday, that respectful attitude was so close to talking on his knees all the time while groveling to the extreme.


And all Wilfred said at the time was,


“I'm here on an errand for my young master, and I hope it's done beautifully, and that thing should be kept low key and not publicized. ”