Dragon Master

Chapter 65: Vienna Concert Hall

Suddenly, a figure barged in.


Maximilian panted and looked at the phone in Victoria's hand, reached out and naturally took it over while laughing.


"I forgot my phone.”


Victoria turned back, gave Maximilian a blank look, and said,


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"Mom asked you to come back tonight with some groceries.”


Maximilian nodded in response.


“OK!” Following that, he asked, somewhat uneasily.


"The phone, you didn't look at it......”


Upon hearing this, Victoria stuck one hand on her waist, twisted Maximilian’s ear with the other, and scolded.


"Maximilian, what do you mean?


You suspect me of peeking at your phone?


I don't care about your stupid phone, besides, do you really have secrets in it?"


When Maximilian saw this angry look of Victoria, the corners of his mouth curved slightly and said.


“No, no...”


Huh! Victoria pretended to be angry and showed Maximilian his white eyes, turned her head and walked away, while saying.


“Im angry.”


Maximilian looked at Victoria's back as she left, and let out a sigh of relief in his heart as he looked down at the contents of his text message.


After the concert, a single meeting with Mr. Kazuhiro Hisaishi had been arranged at the largest concert hall in H City, Vienna.

Maximilian replied,


“I'll go see how the concert is set later.’


After all, he was Victoria's favorite piano virtuoso, who was internationally renowned, and the arrangements and furnishings of 

the concert hall had to be of high specification and class.