Dragon Master

Chapter 64: Impressed

The next morning, Grandpa Samuel went out while leaving the old house and preparing to head to the offspring of his second wife. When this news spread within the Griffith family, everyone was shocked!


It must have been many years since Grandpa was actually going to the second son's house, this was definitely shocking news for the Griffith family!


The status of Samuel Griffith's second wife's offspring was once very high, but since that miserable marriage four years ago, it had fallen to the ground!


“No way, does Grandpa really go to Victoria's house?”


"To do what? Who had inquired about it?”


"That's supposed to be a rumor. Why should Grandpa go there? it's not a nice place."

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Several of the Griffith's descendants gathered together while chattering and talking, no one dared to go into detail.


But when they saw the picture of Grandpa Samuel getting out of the car in Victoria's neighborhood, everyone was dumbfounded!


Samuel really went for it!


Accompanied by him, there were several other people, including Andrew and Franklin.


Soon, it also became clear to everyone that for the sake of Yunsheng Pharmaceutical, Samuel had sort of bowed his head this time.


For so many years, Samuel had lived a proud life and had never served anyone, but he had never expected that this time, he had actually bowed down to the second house of the Griffith family.


Marcus and Laura heard news early in the morning, and they were also so shocked that they could not speak for a long time.


They thought that Grandpa would not come. He would just let Andrew and Franklin make another trip, but to their surprise, he actually came here in person.


Yunsheng Pharmaceuticals was now facing internal and external problems; the cooperation of Graham Group was the life-saving straw for Yunsheng Pharmaceuticals and even the entire Griffith family. Samuel understood in his heart that whether Yunsheng Pharmaceuticals could get through this difficult time was really completely pinched in the hands of Victoria.


So, yesterday when Andrew and Franklin went back and said what had happened to them at Victoria's house, Grandpa understood.


Victoria was holding his soft spot, so there was no choice but to make the trip himself.


Although Grandpa was reluctant in his heart, he still condescended to come for the sake of the Griffith family.


Both Marcus and Laura, had long been waiting at the door, and they hurried up to help Samuel when they saw him get out of the car.


"Dad, why are you here in person? If you have something, just call us directly. We'll go over there, there is no need for you to make a trip in person.” Marcus laughed.


“Yeah, Dad, you just call me if you need anything.” Laura chimed in while squeezing out a smile.


She could make a fuss at home, but was still a wimp in front of Grandpa.


Samuel grunted nonchalantly and said.


“If I don't come, our Griffith family won't even know if we can see the sun tomorrow. Why do you two do all the pretenses here? Where is Victoria? Ask her to come out; I am coming, if she has anything for me to do, just ask.”


After hearing these words, Marcus's heart trembled. It was over, and Samuel was holding a grudge.


While thinking, Marcus glanced at Maximilian beside him and said to Samuel.


"Dad, Victoria isn't home. She's out on a trip and shouldn't be back until this afternoon.”


With an indifferent look, Maximilian followed Marcus and invited Samuel to his home, while serving tea and water to the crowd.


However, Samuel didn't even look at Maximilian from the beginning.


Because, according to what Franklin said, this loser Maximilian was behind this matter.