Dragon Master

Chapter 58: Cutting Off The Cooperation

This sound scared Maximilian. He hurriedly put the phone away and laughed.


“Nothing, it's about the dinner. I don’t plan to go.”


Hearing this, Victoria asked unhappily,


"Why not? Are you afraid of being laughed at?


Or you can't afford the bill?


Just tell me how much do you want.”


It was the lie Maximilian casually came up with yesterday and he didn't think too much of it, saying, “Five hundred dollars.”


Afterwards, Victoria walked towards the sofa to pick up her bag and grabbed her wallet, pulling several bills out.


Then she walked to Maximilian, reaching out her hands, and said,


"Here's a thousand dollars, just go to dinner with your colleagues." Maximilian was stunned, not expecting her to give him so 

much money. He asked with some uncertainty,


"Why do you give me so much money?" Victoria pouted and pretended to be angry as she said,


"I don't want you to disgrace me, my man have to be proud in front of others.


Although I didn’t carry too much with me, but this amount is not a problem for me.”




Saying that, Victoria put her money in Maximilian’s hands.


However, a voice came over and scolded her,


"Victoria, what are you doing? Why are you giving this loser so much money!"


Laura ran from the living room and grabbed the money in Maximilian’s hands, then stared at him angrily, "You're really a 

wimp. Why do you keep asking my daughter to give you money everyday?


You're really something! Other people's sons-in-law send money home, but you're sending money out!


Tell me, what is the money for?”