Dragon Master

Chapter 776 Win or lose for one lap.

Oudney concealed his family situation and said with a wry smile, "Canaan, my family situation is very critical. It is indeed a joke to say it."

"It’s OK. As my master talks about it, I will help you to the end." Canaan said straightforwardly.

Oudney was overjoyed, like he was seeing hope.

Maximilian saw Oudney and Canaan talking with ease and fluency, and did not disturb them. However, when Canaan talked about cooperation, he was much better than usual.

After coming to the swimming pool party, many beautiful women were wearing swimming clothes, which looked very attractive.

May be because he was often with Victoria and Flora together, Maximilian had no gaffe seeing these women.

There happened to be some swimwear sellers here. Flora bought herself a suit and helped Maximilian chose one.

Maximilian took the swimming trunks but didn't put them on. He found a bench and sat down. Flora came out of the dressing room, and everyone was surprised.

At the moment, Flora was wearing a tight purple swimming suit, and her figure was wrapped perfectly. She was so bootylicious that people all stared at her.

Most were attracted by Flora, as they had never seen beautiful women, and this was the first time they saw such a beautiful girl.

They swore that this was the most beautiful woman they had ever seen in a swimsuit, but Flora was bold enough to ignore the blazing eyes of those guys.

She walked up to Maximilian, raised her mouth slightly, turned around in front of each other, pretended to be very tempting and said, "How is it, sexy?"

Maximilian was speechless about this, as he thought this girl was too daring. He didn't attack her, neither did he praise her too much. He came with a very dull sentence, "It's OK."