Dragon Master

Chapter 53: This is the new contract

There was something subtle in the air, and Victoria stared at Maximilian.


However, Maximilian smiled, lay down, and said.


"No, go to bed early, grandpa and Franklin may find troubles with you tomorrow.”


Victoria asked as if she was undeterred.


“You have nothing to tell me?"

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After a while, Maximilian turned his face and looked at her, smiling.


"No." Victoria nodded and lay down on her side.


Pop. The lights went out.


In the room, there was just the sound of two people breathing evenly.


However, at this moment, Victoria and Maximilian, neither of whom fell asleep, each had their own thoughts in their minds.


"I'm sorry, Maximilian. Just now in the restaurant, my mom lost her temper with you and hit you, I'll apologize to you for her.”


In the dimness, it was Victoria's soft voice.


“Ok.” Maximilian softly answered and turned his face to the other side, looking at Victoria, who had her back to him. Her delicate figure looked charming under the moonlight.


This woman, he had loved her for four years.


"You've had a hard time over the years because of me."


Maximilian said slyly.


Victoria didn't respond. Resting her head on her hands, a warm smile slowly surfaced at the corner of her mouth as she said.


"Go to bed early.Good night."


"Good night.”


Early the next morning.


Victoria woke up early and cleaned herself. She wore a black skirt with a white shirt. Her long, straight legs were wrapped in black stockings, looking charming and clean.


At the doorway, with one hand on the wall, she was wearing her heels. She took the contract and said to Maximilian, who was clearing away the dishes.


“I'm going to the company.” Maximilian looked at her, hesitated for a moment, and said.