Dragon Master

Chapter 52: You're Hiding Something From Me

This angry shout startled the guests and waiters throughout Lasdun, and they all turned their eyes over.


Thomas came down from upstairs with brisk steps, seeing Iris with someone, so vulgarly verbally berating Maximilian. He was naturally very annoyed in his heart!


He was an honored guest of the boss!


The most honored guest!


These people, how dare they?


"S...... Thomas.’


Several waiters hurriedly stood to the side respectfully.


Thomas walked over, his face chilled as he looked up and down at the arrogant Iris a few times. He turned around, and said 

to Maximilian with respects.


"Mr. Lee, you're not disturbed, are you?"


Mr. Lee?


The sight of Thomas treating Maximilian so respectfully naturally caused quite a stir in the hall!


Iris was like a cat with fried fur at the moment! Disbelief was full of her face.


Just him, Mr. Lee? He must be kidding!


“Hey, who are you? What's wrong with me talking to the son-in-law in my family like that?


Who are you to heckle me?”


lris's temper came up and was very upset.


This middle-aged man in front of her was an idiot, right?


To have such respect for a loser like Maximilian, hilarious!


However, as soon as she said, people around her all looked at her with shocked and frightened expressions.


What? Iris was also confused, did she look horrible?


At this moment, a beautiful rich girl behind her, hurriedly came up, tugged Iris's arm and whispered.


"Iris, you're crazy. He's the manager of Lasdun, Thomas!"




Iris shuddered as her eyes fell on Thomas, instantly, she was not feeling good.


She can't believe he was the manager of Lasdun!