Dragon Master

Chapter 51: Unbridled!

Behave yourself!


A bottle of wine worthy $10 million with diamonds on the bottle!


The wine of the wine.


At the moment, it was actually for Maximilian?


Lasdun had paid a high price! The big boss behind it was trying desperately to ingratiate himself with Maximilian!


"What...... are you talking about?!"


Laura was instantly confused and got up, looking at Thomas with disbelief, and asked.


"Thomas, are you mistaken? How can this be prepared for this worthless wretch Maximilian? Is your boss confused? It's Travis! Travis is the honored guest."


What's going on here?


Laura also craned her head to look at Maximilian, and found that he looked grim too.


Maximilian looked dreadful at the moment. He glanced at Thomas; did he not understand what he meant earlier?


Travis's face turned red with anger. He stood still, not sure to take the wine bottle or just sit down, as he was embarrassed!


He desperately wanted put on a show in front of the Griffith family, but now with this mess, he had become the most humiliated one tonight.


Maximilian, it was all because of this Maximilian!


Thomas and his boss must have lost their minds?


Such an expensive wine! It was actually for that loser Maximilian?!


That was crazy!


"Thomas, are you sure you're not kidding? Maximilian is a complete loser! In H City, half of the people know that he is the Griffith family's son-in-law, relying on his wife, and he is just a male escort! You give him this wine, does he have a knowledge about the wine? What's the difference between giving him and give it to a dog?"


Travis was holding in a belly of rage, and at this moment, he couldn't suppress it anymore.


Thomas turned his face, his eyes coldly glancing at Travis.


However, this time, Maximilian sneered faintly and said.


“Oh? From your words, Travis knows a lot about wine?”


"Bullshit! I've had drunk more wine than you've had water! Does a shit like you deserve to drink this wine? It's a waste!"