Dragon Master

Chapter 50: Prepared For You

The smile on Travis's face froze instantly, his expression cloudy as he stared angrily at Maximilian.


What did he mean? He was just a fucking loser. Didn't he know his status?


How dare Maximilian ruin his show again and again. Travis was annoyed!


Did Maximilian think that he was a sick cat if he didn't show anger?


However, without waiting for Travis to stand up and reprimand Maximilian, Laura was the first to get up and threw a slap on Maximilian’s face!


Maximilian was a little dazed by the sudden slap, and he squeezed his hands under the table.


Don't hit people in the face. His mother-in-law just went too far.


“What nonsense are you talking about? If It’s not for the sake of Travis, is it for the sake of you, a rotten bastard?


You're just a lazy, poor, and powerless wimp. We took pity on you and made you as our son-in-law. Don't you have any self-consciousness?


Travis is the master of the Hart Group and you are just a loser. How can you compare to him?


If our family depends on you, we would have to live on the air long ago!”


Laura was furious, and all her good mood today was ruined by this bastard, Maximilian.


“Mom, what are you doing?” Victoria felt uncomfortable when she saw Maximilian being beaten and reprimanded. She hurriedly got up and pulled Laura to sit down. Then she looked at Maximilian with great dissatisfaction and said, “Well, you just shut your mouth up.”


Victoria was disappointed with Maximilian’s performance today.


He did nothing but to cause trouble for her.


However, after all, he was her husband, and Sissy’s father.


After all, she had loved him for four years, and at this moment, seeing Laura slapping him like this in front of an outside, Victoria felt uncomfortable.


So what she could do was to let him shut up.


“Auntie, it’s okay. Take it easy. Maximilian is just jealous. It’s fine.”


Travis originally wanted show his anger, but when he saw Laura slapping Maximilian’s face fiercely, he felt much more at ease, and his complexion immediately changed and became hypocritical.


He thought it was unlucky to be a man like Maximilian.


In contrast, Laura thought Travis was her wishful son-in-law.