Dragon Master

Chapter 48: A Noble Guest

These words from Maximilian directly caused the temperature in the box to plummet and the atmosphere turned awkward all of a sudden.


Huh! Instantly, everyone in the room stared at Maximilian with astonishment.


Laura instantly chided, “Maximilian, no one will take you for a mute if you don’t speak! You are going crazy. Sit down now!”


Laura was furious! She thought Maximilian was deliberately attempting to cause trouble since he stood up and said these words at this time. Did he want to change upstairs? Because it was not his money, he didn't feel distressed at all, did he? Was he deaf or was he just trying to cause trouble for them? Didn't he hear the waitress say the minimum consumption upstairs was one hundred thousand dollars? One hundred thousand dollars!


Laura didn't have so much money, and even if she had, she wouldn't bring it out!


Victoria also pulled a long face and glared at Maximilian with anger and hatred, saying,


“Maximilian, sit down! Can you stop causing trouble now? Sit there quietly and eat!”


Victoria was about to get mad. Maximilian said what he shouldn't say.


It was at this critical point that he stood out and made a mess of things.


As her husband, why didn't he try to consider for her and share the stress?


And now he even made things worse.


She was so mad!


Travis on the side sneered and said, “Well, Maximilian, will your treat us tonight? If it wasn’t for you to speak so loudly, I haven't seen that you are still a rich person.


It's your payday, huh? Are your few thousand dollars of salary enough to pay for this room?”


Unbelievable! Maximilian was just humiliating himself.