Dragon Master

Chapter 45: Who Are You Texting?

The crowd froze, their faces were suspicious. A new contract was delivered so soon?


Just now they were discussing about Maximilian, and now someone was delivering the contract at the door.


This scared Laura and Travis, and their faces were very grave.


Victoria took the contract and walked into the living room, her face was filled with doubts.


Was it really Maximilian?


But Laura shouted violently.


"Victoria, why don't you thank Travis? This must be due to Travis's help. Otherwise, you really think it's that wimp Maximilian’s credit, huh?”


After saying that, Laura was filled with a joyful smile as she looked at Travis and said gratefully.


"Ah, Travis, this really thanks to you. Tell me what do you want? I just don’t know how to thank you properly.’


Travis was stupefied by her words, and reacted with a jolt, laughing awkwardly and saying,


"Auntie, it's okay. I just want Victoria to be happy.’


Travis was very confused. His dad said he could not help him with this matter, how could the contract be sent over so quickly?

Victoria took the contract, and after being reminded by Laura, she also thanked Travis.


“Travis, thank you, I'll return your favor in the future.”


Since Victoria thought it was his credit, why didn't he just take the credit?


"Ha-ha, its okay, Victoria, I'm just happy to help you, because I love you so much."


Travis was also bold enough to say it directly in front of her parents, and his hand directly grabbed Victoria's hands.


Victoria blushed immediately and pulled her hands away, as she put her hair behind her ear and said.


"Don't be ridiculous ......”


An! Travis touched his nose, and the fresh fragrance of Victoria's hand was still on the tip of his fingers, which was even more charming. He had to win over this woman!


And so he stayed in Victoria's home until late in the evening, when Maximilian came back.


As soon as he entered, he saw Travis was actually still staying in the house and his face was naturally unhappy.


However, he didn't say anything and looked at Victoria while asking softly.


“Well, was the contract sent over?"


After hearing his words, they all looked up and fixed their eyes on Maximilian with different emotions.


Victoria was not much surprised, and she felt a warm surge in her heart.


After all, her husband still cared about her.