Dragon Master

Chapter 44: Maximilian's credit

Travis's father called? Laura, with an excited smile on her face, said immediately,


"Then hurry up and answer it, ask him how it's going, and thank your dad for his efforts.”


Who was Travis's father? The chairman of the Hart Group, Simon Hart, had a fortune of billions of dollars!


In the H city business community, he was a successful businessman and one of the prominent representatives of the H city business community.


In H city, he was also a man who called the shots.


With his help, this crisis with Graham Group could be easily solved.


Therefore, Laura was happy in her heart, and the gaze she looked at Travis was even more eager. She could not wait to give Victoria to Travis right now so that he could take her to his home.


Her daughter was a one-track mind, and had to stay with that loser Maximilian. How nice it would be to enjoy the blessings if her daughter was with Travis.


Travis nodded proudly and confidently picked up the phone and spoke loudly, “Dad, how it is going? Does Graham Group promise to re-cooperate with the Griffith Group?"


“Travis, Dad is calling you about this. It's a bit difficult, I'm afraid I can't be of much help.”


“What?” Travis was stunned, and the smile on his face gradually froze.


"Travis, although I had dinner with Ralphy Graham of the Graham Group, we only met once, and there was any connection between us now. We are also asking Ralphy Graham to consider working with us. What would we do if we let the Griffith family take the partnership? Travis, this is business. We have to put ourselves at first, right? Well, that's all for this matter."


As the phone hung up, the smug look on Travis's face was now gone.


He was full of hope and elation, but he never expected that things would take such a U-turn.


The Hart Group was also going to talk to Graham about cooperation, so helping Victoria would be like cutting off his own family's business.


Travis was in a dilemma now. He had boasted in front of Victoria and Laura, how should he explain to them now?


Just say there was nothing he can do? Wouldn't that be humiliating to him, so humiliating!


His image in Victoria’s eyes would collapse.


"What's wrong, Travis? Is it difficult for your father to help us?"


While seeing Travis's face look wrong, Laura asked carefully.


"No...... it's fine!” Travis squeezed out a smile with his face a little ruffled, and lied.


“My dad said that this matter is almost done, he has already talked to Ralphy Graham. He told us to just wait for the news, let you guys rest assured."


It was like riding a tiger and finding it hard to get off.