Dragon Master

Chapter 43: Everything Is Done

At home.


Victoria and the other three were gathering around the sofa, looking sad.


"How about I go and beg Grandpa Samuel, maybe we can put it off a couple of days." Marcus said.


After all, she was his daughter. The chance was slim for her to regain the contract from the Graham Group.


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Upon hearing this, Laura's face blossomed into a smile and she said hurriedly.


“Yes, you go to beg your father, maybe it works. After all, you're his son, too.”


Victoria, on the other hand, shook her head and sighed.


"You guys forgot about Franklin, he's definitely going to make a mess out of this. Now, Grandpa only believes what he says, and our words mean nothing to him."


The realization was like cold water splashing directly on their hearts.


Laura jumped around in anger and said,"If nothing works, do you really want Grandpa Samuel to kick you out of the company?"


With that, she glared at Maximilian, who was mopping the floor beside, and got up and chided.


"It's all because of you. Tell me, what a mess you're making! If Victoria gets kicked out of the company, you just get the hell out of our house!”


Laura was mad at this bastard Maximilian!


“Okay mom, don't scold him, he's doing it for my good.’


Victoria frowned her willow-shaped brows and spoke for him.


She didn't want to see Maximilian right now, so she paid no attention to him.


Maximilian wanted to tell her the truth, and he could hand the contract for her, but, he held back.


In this situation now, even if he said so, who would believe him?


Just then, the doorbell rang. Laura's face was unpleasant as she shouted “who is it?” Before glaring at Maximilian and scolding him.


"Why are you still standing there? Go and open the door, I am really angry at the sight of you!"


Maximilian ran over to the door with a full smile on his face and opened it.


As soon as the door opened, the smile on Maximilian's face froze.


Because, in the doorway stood a spirited man in a well-tailored, expensive suit.


Travis Hart!


“Why are you here?" Maximilian’s face darkened, and he was very unhappy.


This guy had been pursuing Victoria for years and was always try his best to humiliate and taunt Maximilian at every opportunity available.


The last time he gave Victoria a necklace, Maximilian still remembered it in his heart.


"Oh, Travis is here, come in and sit next to Victoria.’