Dragon Master

Chapter 41: You're Just Rebellious

The way Franklin was flaunting his power at the moment was completely annoying!


His hand was just about to slap on Maximilian’s shoulder.


Suddenly, inside the conference room, an icy word, like the low growl of a beast, caused the temperature in the place to plummet to a freezing point.


"You shouldn't hit Victoria.” Maximilian lowered his head, his eyes raging with anger, and looked at the dying Victoria in his arms with immense heartache.


As the wife of Dragon Sect’s Young Master, how could she be bullied like this?

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And then, the corners of Maximilian's mouth outlined an incomparably cold smile. He jerked his head up, looking at Franklin and scanning the crowd in the conference room, and said in a deep voice.


"I want you, you, and you all, to apologize to her!"


At that moment, an endless chilliness rolled out from Maximilian's body filled the entire conference room, causing the crowd to feel as if they were under the illusion that they were experiencing an irresistible force at this moment, rather than facing a loser, who had been worthless for four years!


What was going on?


How did Maximilian get that swagger and that look in his eyes! It was horrible!


When Franklin heard this, he immediately laughed out loud, put his hands to his ear and mocked with an arrogant posture,


“What? What did you say? Say it again, I didn't hear you.’


Holy shit! Maximilian, this stinking fool, actually dared to say such shameless bullshit in front of so many people.


Was he crazy, or was he going to be bold and clueless?! A Loser! He was a Loser!