Dragon Master

Chapter 39: Victoria Was Beaten

The crowd all took a deep breath!

They looked so similar!

But how could that possible?

How could Maximilian, a wimp, get on a Rolls Royce and was treated by Max respectful?

Everyone stopped talking, and their expressions went grim.

“Don't be ridiculous!

That trash, how could he be the young master!”

Travis said indignantly, his eye brows squeezed into a line, and he was very suspicious.

It couldn't be Maximilian......it was impossible.

“Forget it, let's go back.”

Travis said and led the way back, but still took two steps and looked back.

He didn't breathe a sigh of relief until the Rolls Royce left the parking lot, but the suspicion in his heart grew even stronger.

As for Franklin, he had rushed back to the conference room of Yunsheng Pharmaceutical.

At this moment, all the relatives of the Griffiths were present. After all, if something went wrong with such an important cooperation, then a year's profit would be lost.

Samuel was sitting on his seat in a chipper manner, squinting his eyes, and when he saw Franklin returned with a sullen face, he raised his eyebrows and asked.

“What happened?"


Franklin bowed and said.

Seeing his look and empty hands, Samuel sensed a hint of something bad, and asked in a serious, bellowing voice.

“Where's the contract? You didn't offend Mr. Graham, did you?"

When Samuel said this, the eyes of all the relatives of the Griffiths fell on Franklin, full of worry. Especially Andrew, he just boasted in the office of how capable his son was. If the cooperation with Graham Group was messed up by Franklin, then he would be definitely embarrassed!

“Franklin, what's going on? What did Mr. Graham say? What about the contract? Did you put it in the car? Get down and bring it here!”