Dragon Master

Chapter 37: Set A Small Goal

Franklin blinked his eyes and tried to catch more glances as the car past him, and when he looked again, that Rolls-Royce 

was gone.




Franklin blinked, his eyebrows knitting.


He didn't think so.


It was a Rolls-Royce Phantom and worthed at least six or seven million dollars.


How can that loser get into a stunning car like this?


However, Franklin didn't take it seriously and drove away.


Maximilian asked lazily in the car.


“Who am I going to visit today? Will that take too much time?”


Wilfred replied respectfully.


“Young master, it won't. This man is quite famous in the country, a master in the antique world, and a friend of mine. Moreover, he owns an overseas trading company, and the Dragon Queen thinks highly of him and wants you to visit him.’

Maximilian chuckled and said.


“Let me visit him? Just say she wants to test me. Why did she talk in such a roundabout way?”


Wilfred smiled and continued.


“Young Master, this is Dragon Queen's command, and it's just a small project of three billion dollars. You need to see it for 

yourself to prepare for your succession of the Dragon Sect.”


Hearing his words, Maximilian couldn't help but raise his eyebrows and looked at Wilfred.


Was a project of three billion dollars called “a small project"?


Maximilian looked out of the window and said.


“Wilfred, you're even better at blowing than Mr. Wanda. He set a small goal at a hundred million dollars. But you are talking about three hundred million dollars.”


Soon, they arrived at the most famous hotel in H city, Hankook Palace.


This was a top restaurant in H city, and all people who could come here were rich and famous!


Besides, Hankook Palace ran a membership system.


The minimum consumption for the membership in the Hankook Palace was a million dollars a year.


Meanwhile, at the entrance to the Hankook Palace, stood a prominent entrepreneur in the H city.