Dragon Master

Chapter 35: Seeing or Missing

Hearing this, Maximilian was displeased.


This security chief was just a lackey, biased toward women.


It seemed that the quality of the employees recruited by the Graham Group was poor!


Seeing that Maximilian still frowned and expressed his dissatisfaction, Sarah immediately chided and shouted.


“Why don't you drive him away? He affects the good image of our company!”


"OK, Manager Sarah!"


Teddy hurriedly stood at attention and saluted to her.


“In addition, our company will never hire a man like him, not even if he applies for a security guard!"


Sarah was trying to be ruthless and completely assumed that Maximilian came over to apply for a job as a security guard.


As soon as Teddy heard this, he immediately flattered like a simp and said.


“Don't worry, Manager Sarah. Our security team definitely won't want him!"


Once finished, Teddy turned his head and looked at Maximilian arrogantly, saying.


“You, get out of here. Don't force us to beat you!”


Maximilian helplessly shook his head. These security guards were really bullshit, and are completely hooligans.


"Kick me out? I'll see who dares to drive me away today!"


Maximilian was enraged. After all, he was the young master of the Dragon Sect. Although he kept a low profile, he couldn't 

keep letting some nobodies harass and ignore him.


“You're pretty rude, aren't you?”


Teddy looked at Maximilian, full of sarcasm.


Was he just silly or crazy?


Didn't he see other security guards behind me? Did he dare to play rough?


“Come on guys, throw him out!"


Teddy said in a fierce voice, with chill in his eyes.


“What an interesting day to meet a blind idiot."


In a flash, several security guards rushed over, pushing Maximilian to drive him away.