Dragon Master

Chapter 466 Don't Look down upon Maximilian

"Foreign accent?" Maximilian whispered in wonder. Maybe some strangers came to H City to take a share of the spoils.

It was on the cards that some foreigners formed a team to intrude in the pies of another city, but it was now relatively rare.

"Yes, and those people are rude and unreasonable. My cousin asked some local people to communicate, but they were all beaten up by those strangers. Then I contacted the police. When they saw the police officer, they were scattered. But they came back to make trouble after the police left."

Victoria rubbed her forehead and felt a headache. She did not know how to deal with these well-organized rogues with a propensity for violence.

"Honey, don't worry. I will ask Chief Carr." Maximilian had contacted with Chief Carr before, so he naturally turned to Chief Carr for help.

Maximilian called Chief Carr and told him the situation in detail. Hearing the site location mentioned by Maximilian, Chief Carr already understood what was going on.

"Mr. Lee, I know those people. They have been ruffians in Mt South for a long time. They are very good at seeking loopholes in laws. It’s useless to call the police. They can only be dispelled. Well, I’ll send a security group to stay at the construction site to intimidate them. OK?"

Chief Carr intended to send favors to do something real. Since he wants to send the favors, he directly dispatches a patrol team to the construction site as security guards to ensure that nothing happened at the construction site.

"It’s a palliative, not a cure, and we’ll be more passive when they continue to make trouble. Do you know all the ins and outs of them? Just tell me their details."

Chief Carr hesitated a moment and knocked a file on the table. "It has something to do with the geomancer. I think that maybe some followers of the geomancer did not accept their defeat, so they came to revenge. I have sent people here to trace it, and there will be results soon. Please do not act impulsively. Believe us."

"Ho ho, his followers. I see. Please go on with your job, and I will not be impulsive."

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