Dragon Master

Chapter 32: No One Can Take It Away

Iris stared at Maximilian like he was an idiot, and the corners of her mouth lifted as she hummed a laugh.


"Heh, Maximilian, what do you mean? What, are you that mysterious rich young Mr. Lee?”


Maximilian shook his head and chuckled softly.


“It's possible.”


Aha ha! Instantly, the entire inner hall of the Griffith's old mansion erupted with laughter and snickers.


"Damn! Maximilian is crazy to say so."


“How shameless! He's crazy about fame.”


“Alas, Victoria is so unlucky to have a husband like him.”


In the face of a group of people laughing, Maximilian appeared indifferent.


These nonentities didn't know that the one sitting in front of them was none other than the rich young Mr. Lee, whom they had been claiming to worship and envy!




Laura, the mother-in-law of Maximilian, stood up, pointed at him and started to curse.


“Maximilian, shut the fuck up! Are you allowed to talk here? You're not ashamed, but I'm ashamed!"


Laura was about to explode with anger!


Maximilian was really embarrassing her everywhere.


Did he have any sense of shame?


Did he have to have people look down on them to be happy?


A punk! He was a punk!


She must make a scene to make Victoria divorce him after getting home tonight!


Kathy, who was on the side, followed suit with a scowl and scoffed.