Dragon Master

Chapter412 The Chance of Revenge

After the simple meal, Connor looked seriously at Mr. Colletti across the table.

Colletti was the executive director of international underground boxing matches. Almost everything related to this match was run by him.

International boxing was a free competition at first without official holders, as they were held by underground boxers themselves to make a living.

As time went by, some underworld organizations developed interests in this market. After they competed with each other for a while, there formed an international organization to hold this competition. This competition also became more organized and structured.

As the spreading of boxing gambling, this competition got more and more attentions. International gambling companies even created a special section for it.

In these years, the funding pool on underground boxing got bigger and bigger. It enjoyed the similar size with the pool of soccer.

Besides a series of responsibilities for the competition, the holder would get a big portion of money from the gambling company as the benefits of holding the match.

Holding the match barely required any investments. There were no hard standards for the stage set-up and even audiences were not required. This could not be any simpler.

Mr. Colletti looked at the serious-looking Connor, moved his shoulders and said, “According to my expectation, the competition should be held in an international city, not in a small countryside like this.”

“I do not know how you convinced those old shareholders. I had to come to such a small place for this competition. This is disappointing. Check this contract and sign it if you found no problems.”

Mr. Colletti put a contract on the table, then just leaned on the sofa like a boss presumptuously, then glanced over another white guy sitting on the side.

The other white guy just sat there silently, with no facial expressions on his face, looking like an iceberg.

Connor looked at the contract written in English, then signed it soon without even clearly checking through.

It was meaningless to check the contract anyway, since he would have to sign it no matter what for his son’s safety.

“We’ve got some arrangements in

it’s supposed to be nighttime for me now, and I should be enjoying it with ladies,

and his people to the hotel, and accompany them

room, Mr. Colletti’s expression immediately changed, and then said politely to that cold-looking guy, “Mr. Thompson, what

is the news we just got. Have a look.”

a few pictures of Barrett and

is quite tough, but to cope with this kind

limps broken got sent to the same hospital. I need their blood samples. The boss wanted to see if there would be a

his sentence, but got confused about the second half. However, he was not interested in understanding it anyway, since that might

I will get their

took out a silver

storage box for it. Put the blood in the tubes when you bring it back. Otherwise, the blood would lose

to use the box, and then Colletti left with the translator

came back with Barrett and Frankie’s blood

Thompson already set up advanced equipment on the table, and

in the equipment

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lab for data analysis. I don’t know if the boss would have

sit down. Colletti cautiously

the lab across the ocean. After

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stood up immediately,

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