Dragon Master

Chapter 381A Good Show

"Today is Victoria's classmate's engagement party, and I don't want to fight with you. Don't ask for trouble." Maximilian said coldly.

Dexter laughed disdainfully and looked at Maximilian with contempt and said, "It seems you are good at fighting. If you are really good, let’s drink and see who will win on the wine table."

"Good." Maximilian agreed and tried to make a good show.

"Then let's go inside and sit together. Let me see how much you can drink. If you can't win us, we will strip you naked and throw you onto the street, so everyone can see what you look like." Holmes said proudly and looked down on Maximilian.

The four of them walked into the hall, found an empty table, and sat down. Dexter and Holmes sat on Maximilian's right-hand side, and Victoria sat on Maximilian's left-hand side.

Holmes opened a bottle of white spirit on the table. And then he shouted at the waiter, "Bring us one box of white spirit, and get two more wine dispensers."

"We all drink with wine dispenser, and one wine dispenser at a time. I don't know if you can do it." Dexter picked up the wine dispenser on the table and put it in front of Maximilian.

A wine dispenser could divide into three or four glasses of wine, and most people would be dizzy after drinking a wine dispenser. Those who could drink two or more were definitely good at drinking.

Maximilian was not afraid at all and said with a smile, "We can also drink with wine bottle."

"Go on bragging! You really think you are the reincarnation of a wine fairy? That will make you alcoholic." Dexter said with contempt.

White spirit wasn’t beer. It wouldn’t go wrong to drink a dozen bottles of beer. But white spirit’s alcohol content was high, and it would be a risk of alcohol poisoning, if one drank two bottles of white spirit.

Victoria covered her forehead and felt a headache. If Maximilian got drunk, she would have to find someone to carry Maximilian back.

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