Dragon Master

Chapter271 Not insightful enough

Shocked, Humphrey goggled at how Connor was supporting Maximilian and asking everybody to apologize to him. This was way beyond Humphrey’s imagination.

Zakariya and other rich guys all looked at Leon, who they were trying to flaunt, because their behaviors depended on Leon’s attitudes.

Leon was in a trance. He looked at Connor, then at Maximilian, confused at the relationship between them.

Supposedly, those who got respected by Connor should be at least someone rich and powerful, or their offspring.

However, Maximilian had no such vibe at all, as he wore shabby clothing, and was lack of guards.

These all proved that Maximilian was just a normal person, a very normal one!

“Conner, what do you say?” asked Leon.

Frankie looked upset, because it was absolutely impossible for him to apologize to Maximilian.

This was at Geekoo, which was his place. It was impossible for him to say sorry to a normal person in his own place.

Though Connor asked him to do it, Frankie was no longer his man, but someone who could almost match him.

“Connor, I respect you as my brother, but it is a bit too much that you want me to apologize to him.” Frankie stared at Connor, thinking that this might be his trick on him.

Connor’s face immediately got gloomy, “Frankie, I am helping you by asking you to apologize. As long as you do it now, the old stories would stay in the past. Otherwise, if you get Maximilian upset, you may yield lots of bad fruits in the future.”

Different from the impulsive Frankie, he

I be scared of this loser? Even if you really want me to apologize, at least

not compromising, since he did not think Maximilian would have any

even if you want me to die, you should let us know the situation

Zakariya also started to follow with

area of Frankie. Please do not get too far on this business.

actor of yours, Connor? I think your actor is

but we do not apologize

tough these people were acting. They dared to talk to Conner like that. He could not wait

looked at Maximilian and Connor, seeing Maximilian looked calm

by this kind of occasions were either fools, or those with

attitude towards Maximilian, Wyatt could

about this well. This is the last chance I would give you. If Mr. Maximilian got upset, it would not be as simple as an apology.” said Connor

Frankie glared at Connor, as if as they would punch him as long

with a smile, “Frankie, Leon, you are just young kids. Are you sure you want to

Frankie and Leon’s

was suppressing him, Frankie dared to go against him;

he did antiques businesses, so he normally interacted with

counted as an invisible master whose anger could shake the whole

Wyatt. Are you serious?” Frankie said, greeting

nodded lightly, “I never go

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