Dragon Master

Chapter116 Seducing

“Apologize to Maximilian.” Jonathan said loudly.

All the young rich bowed to him and said simultaneously, “Please accept our sincere apologies.”

Maximilian sat on the chair in the center, looking at them in a line, apologizing. It was like he was the emperor who was witnessing the courtiers reporting to him.

“Well, stop it. Let’s get the party started.” Maximilian said in a forgiving manner.

“Thank you, Maximilian.”

After making the apology, the young rich were kind of grateful to this mysterious young man whose face was covered by a mask. That feeling was like their mistakes were forgiven.

Jonathan waved his hands, indicating all the young rich went away and found a seat by themselves.

The band went on stage and performed some light music. The waiters and waitresses came into the room in a row, with the freshly-cooked delicate dishes and beverages, and the party began.

The main chef in the Joyclub wore his uniform, which he had not worn for a long time. He took the freshly cooked precious dishes to Maximilian’s table, followed by his apprentices.

The main chef did not cook usually. Even though there were some precious dishes to prepare, it was normally cooked by his apprentice.

But today was different, the main chef in Joyclub cooked specially for Maximilian.

He was worried about the serving, so he personally took his apprentices with him to serve the dishes.

Jonathan sat beside Maximilian, and introduced the main chef with a smiley face, “Maximilian, this is the main chef of Joyclub, who was the winner of the International Top Chef Contest.”

“Hi, Maximilian. I am Lester, main chef of Joyclub. I have prepared some seafood for you. Please have a taste and give me some valuable feedback.”

After the polite words, Lester took the dishes from his apprentices one by one, and presented them in front of Maximilian.

“Blue lobster from deep sea. We chose the newly arrived blue lobster, which was sent from Canada by flight.”

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and asked Lester to cook for them, he just refused. It was his first apprentice

cooking skill was outstanding, and ranked among the top ten most famous chefs in the world. He won the contest when his rivals were Michelin three-star chefs. In addition, the state-level banquet dishes

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