Dragon Master

Chapter 457 Enjoy the Magic

Thompson titled his head and looked at Maximilian, his eyes full of mockery.

"What you said is really interesting. Nuron has such a powerful Kung Fu, but you said it is just a skill for begging. It is quite incredible. Are you as powerful as Nuron? It's a joke."

Maximilian glanced at Thompson and shook his head with a smile.

Thompson looked at Maximilian with confusion, wondering why Maximilian was laughing, "Do you think what I said is wrong? Or did I hurt your heart by telling the truth? If it really hurts your young heart, I don't mind apologizing to you."

"No, I'm just laughing at your ignorance. Have you ever read any martial arts novels in this country? Do you know beggars have formed a sect called Beggar Sect? Do you know the supreme skills in the Beggar Sect are the 18 Palm Attacks to Defeat Dragons and the Stick Technique to Beat White Chimpanzee?"

Maximilian asked sentence by sentence, and every time he asked, Thompson shook his head blankly. In the end, Thompson looked at Maximilian dumbfounded and didn't know what Maximilian meant.

"Beggar Sect? 18 Palm Attacks to Defeat Dragons? Stick Technique to Beat White Chimpanzee? Are they powerful? I think it should not be as powerful as Nuron. Does it mean you are one of the Beggar Sect and are unconvinced of Nuron?" Thompson said, feeling humiliated.

Maximilian smiled smugly, "Your ignorance makes me desperate. The 18 Palm Attacks to Defeat Dragons can destroy the heaven and earth, and can also take the general's head among ten thousand troops easily. I will tell you the story of Master Guo Jing and Master Qiao Feng, heirs to the Palm Attacks to Defeat Dragons."

Maximilian happily shared with Thompson the martial arts story and the exaggerated battle plots. Thompson was stunned upon hearing them.

Connor looked up at the ceiling, speechless. He didn't expect that things would turn out like this. Originally they wanted to use this training contest to set up Nuron's prestige, but he had never expected that it turned out to be a story telling session of Maximilian.

More importantly, Thompson was completely attracted by Maximilian's stories. And he chased after Maximilian, asking whether Maximilian had practiced the 18 Palm Attacks to Defeat Dragons.

Nuron also noticed the situation off the stage and expressed his strong dissatisfaction with Maximilian and Thompson's conversation.

fight with me? If you are men, you should come to siege

for a long time. At this moment, they did not dare to go forward

became angry and rushed directly

the white boxer saw Nuron drawing near, he took two steps back in panic and

anymore!" The white boxer got out of the ring, his hands high, and refused to

his teeth fiercely, chased after him with red eyes, and swung his fist toward

and admit my defeat! You can't hit

but Nuron didn't listen to what he said

the floor, a stream of blood spurting from his mouth, and his body twitching

don't beat me!

are only choices, life or death!" After saying this, Nuron stomped on

boxer's brain stem and brain lobes, and he struggled twice and gradually lost his

They left the

heads and commented, feeling that Nuron was

is just a training match, but he even killed his opponents.

stops Nuron, I'm afraid he will become the

don't want to meet Nuron. If I fight with him

go back to the ring. But when he turned around,

more furious, and he ran

trembled, and cracked at once, and

were stunned by Nuron's punch, as no

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