Dragon Master

Chapter 451 Worship

The car stopped slowly. Canaan and Terry got out of the car together.

Looking at the tragic scene on the road, as well as the corpses of Luke and Uncle Powell, Canaan was a little scared again. Terry did not react like Canaan, because he saw the scene like this many times.

"Mr. Lee, are you hurt? Shall I take you to the hospital?" Terry asked uneasily.

Maximilian shook his head, "It's OK, Luke was dead. You should go back and stay away from trouble. If the Newman family finds you, your life has nothing to do with me."

Terry’s blood breezed, as he was so flustered that he wanted to kneel down and hugged Maximilian's thigh.

"Mr. Lee, I don't know how to stay away from trouble. The Newman family won't forgive it. If they really want to put the blame on me, I can't avoid it."

Terry, who was full of grievances, was about to cry. Tears had been swirling in his eyes, and he could cry at any time.

"It's my kindness that I didn't take your life. Don't challenge my bottom line. Get out of here."

Maximilian didn't pay attention to Terry any more. In terms of what Terry had done, Maximilian gave an opportunity to Terry.

Terry also knew that he couldn’t depend on Maximilian anymore. He could only sigh plaintively, thinking that he should pack up and run away, and go abroad to live as a rich man and conceal his identity. Anyway, he had some savings. If he continued to do the business, he would definitely die one day. It's also a good thing to give up his old business.

"Maximilian, thank you for letting me go. I'll pack my things and go overseas. I hope to see you one day when I get back." Terry said solemnly and rushed to the wilderness along the roadside. He was going to steal a car from a nearby village, because he didn't dare to take the car anymore.

Canaan carefully looked at Maximilian and said, "Mr. Lee, I'm Canaan from Kadir family in B City. Let me drive you back. Your driving skills are really amazing, and I want to learn from you."

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your car, or I can speed to over a 100kph in a second.

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