Dragon Master

Chapter 30 Victoria, You're Finished


A crisp slap sounded loudly.

An angry, red-eyed Victoria stared at Maximilian and scolded.

"Maximilian, what do you want to do?!"

Seeing the angry Victoria, the bewildered Maximilian stayed in place,

What's wrong?

Victoria glared at Maximilian with hatred, then turned to Archer, who was frozen on the side, and hurriedly bent down to apologize,

"I'm sorry boss Archer. Maximilian was confused for a while, so please forgive him. Where is that guest? I'll apologize to her."

Victoria was anxious and furious.

She received a call saying that Maximilian molested a female guest and he was going to be arrested by the police.

So she immediately took a taxi and hurried over.

Archer was also confused, but he understood in minutes. He glanced at Maximilian, and hurriedly said,

"Miss Victoria, Maximilian didn't molest the female guest, so it was just a misunderstanding.

Now ah, Maximilian is our new...”

Maximilian hurriedly coughed when he heard this.

Archer didn't finish his sentence completely, because Maximilian didn't want to reveal his true identity in front of Victoria.

Archer could only smirk.

Looking at Archer and Maximilian, Victoria frowned strangely and asked.

"Maximilian is your new what?"


Archer, in a cold sweat, finally had an idea and said,

"He is our new outstanding employee, new outstanding employee..."

Fortunately, he finally found an excuse.

Victoria glanced at the palm print on Maximilian's face with relief, and pulled his hand to the side.

"Sorry, I shouldn't have hit you just now."

Victoria apologized.

She was too anxious just now to care about Maximilian’s decency.

Maximilian shrugged his shoulders indifferently and said,

"It's okay, I know you care about me."

Victoria gave him a blank look and tried to reach out to touch him, but finally she drew her hand back and asked weakly,’Does it hurt?"

Maximilian shook his head with a gentle smile.

Victoria looked at his expression and didn't bother to pay attention to him, and said,

"I'm going to the Old House of Griffiths for dinner. Grandpa is going to have a family dinner to celebrate the cooperation with Graham Group.

You have to go with me."

Maximilian responded,

"Okay, I'll be back early."

Victoria said, "I'm a little busy at work, so after you get off work, remember to go to the hospital first to spend some time with Sissi.”

Maximilian nodded and watched Victoria leave.

He didn't expect her to come over in such a hurry when she heard that something had happened to himself.

Wilfred walked over and stood respectfully behind Maximilian, saying,