Dragon Master

Chapter 27 Indecent Assault

Upon hearing this, Victoria raised her beautiful eyes and looked at Maximilian in surprise.

What was he talking about?

To be honest, Victoria felt hesitant at that moment. What would it be like if Maximilian was really rich and powerful?

But was that even possible?

"Maximilian, I know you're coaxing me, but don't you ever say such nonsense again.’

A hint of disappointment flashed within Victoria's eyes.

Maximilian smiled slightly and nodded.

"Okay, I got it."


Maximilian was lying on the floor, and couldn't fall asleep, but listening to the continuous breathing from the bed beside him, he felt very relieved.

Victoria, with her back to Maximilia, was awake as well. She kept thinking about what happened tonight at the Caesar Palace Hotel, just like a movie playback.

After three years, he finally achieved something.

Victoria turned around, looked at Maximilian who was sleeping on the floor, and hesitated for a long time before saying,

"Why don't you sleep on the bed with me.”

Maximilian looked sideways, smiled slightly and said,

"It's okay."

But Maximilian immediately realized what he had missed. He pounded his chest with regrets!

Victoria said such words to him for the first time in the past three years, but he actually refused.

Following that, he carped, looked at Victoria with a cheap smile, and said in low voice,

"Um, what do you say just now? Can you Say it again?"

Victoria had long been furious. He was such a fool.

She had managed to muster up enough courage herself, but why did he refuse her?

Damn you, Maximilian!

He deserved to sleep on the floor for the rest of his life!

"Nothing, good night!"

Victoria turned around angrily, with obvious movements. However, she closed her eyes peacefully with a happy smile.

Maximilian was helpless, and felt a million arrows piercing through his heart. He missed the precious opportunity.

The next day, Victoria arrived at the company, humming a little song with joys, but all the people in the company stared at her with strange eyes,

"Why is Director Victoria so happy?"

"I don't understand why so many things that happened yesterday at Caesar Palace Hotel didn't affect her?"

"Oh, I think she just pretended to be calm and didn't want to be embarrassed or humiliated in front of us. It's a pity that she married a loser."

Event on last night had become a sensation all over H City. All about the Crystal White Rose Palace at Caesar Palace Hotel, from TV channels to the internet.

Victoria was teased again while everyone was in awe and envy.

Many people in the company thought Victoria would definitely not come today, after what had happened. No one could endure such humiliation.