Dragon Master

Chapter 26 I am Rich


Sissi felt a little angry when he heard others slander her father. It was obvious that her father had just celebrated her birthday in that white flower.


Looking at the big round, watery, and loving eyes of the little girl,


Franklin immediately burst into laughter, and said sarcastically,


"What nonsense are you talking about, little fella? Did your dad and you just be on that crystal white rose? Do you have any idea what you're talking about?!"


Franklin's expression slowly darkened, accompanied by a severe tone, "Your father is a loser, how dare he show up here with your bitch mother and you, an illegitimate daughter?


Are you going to let everyone in H City know about your family of three?


Or are you trying to make Griffith lose face in front of the whole city?!"


As a 3-year-old child, Sissi couldn't stand Franklin's questioning, and she immediately cried out.


"Franklin, shut up! It's none of your business about our family of three!"


Victoria was heartbroken and comforted Sissi in her arms.


The little girl was crying very sad in Victoria's arms, shouting,


"Sissi didn't bullshit..." Victoria was heartbroken.


And Iris, who had been blushing with displeasure, said unhappily at this moment.


"What are you crying for? The old man likes you, but we don't!


Your mother was a bitch, and so are you when you grow up!"


“Ha-ha, Iris was right, like mother, like daughter.’


"In my opinion, it was the loser Maximilian that made the Griffiths disgraced!"