Dragon Master

Chapter 21 No One Could Bully Her

Hearing what Maximilian said, Franklin snorted at once.

"She has got the contract? Maximilian, do you know what you're talking about?"

"Got the contract? How can that be! Apart from her beautiful appearance, Victoria has no advantages. If she could get the contract of Graham Group, I would be hit by a car when I go out!"

"Ridiculous! The loser even stands up for his wife and defend her. Don't you know what the occasion is today? How dare you draw the long bow!"

"In my opinion, it's better to kick Maximilian out. As for Victoria, she should resign immediately!"

Some relatives of the Griffiths and company executives laughed out loud and mocked Maximilian and Victoria unscrupulously.

Victoria was also angry. She shook off Maximilian's hand and stepped forward to slap him on his face. Her eyes were filled with tears. She scolded,

"Maximilian, what are you doing? Why are you talking nonsense!”

Victoria was driving crazy!

At this time, what Maximilian said would definitely make her situation worse.

Maybe he had colluded with Franklin, hadn't he?

Maximilian was a little confused after being slapped by Victoria. He looked at Victoria face. She was angry and aggrieved, so he could not get angry.

Franklin laughed with mockery and said,

"Victoria, your husband said you've got the contract, so take out that contract and show everyone!”

"Yeah. Show us!"

"It’s fucking impossible for her to get the contract. I think she's lying.

Victoria is so incompetent. She could not get a contract from Graham Group, a public company."

"Haha. That's right. A loser and a bad girl, you are a heaven-made match"

All at once, the relatives of the Griffiths laughed teasingly, and the sarcasm towards Victoria and Maximilian could be heard everywhere in the side hall.

Laura was sitting at the main table, and was furious.

Damn Maximilian. He made trouble everywhere.

He should not stand up and speak at this time. It seemed that he deliberately led Victoria into the trap.

"Maximilian, you good-for-nothing. Get the hell out of here!"

Laura was furious. She pointed at Maximilian and chided him.

She really wanted to tear him apart!

At this moment, seeing that Victoria was hesitating, Franklin concluded that she didn't get the contract, so he immediately shouted,

"Victoria, since you did not get the contract, you should admit defeat for our bet. Now, as everyone's here, quit your job."

Tears fell from Victoria's eyes. She was anxious as she clenched her small fist tightly and said,

"Yeah. Since you failed, you should resign. Don’t be the dog in the manger."

"L have long since disliked Victoria. She’s trumpery and incompetent. She should have got out of the Griffith Company."

"That's right. As a woman, she even pursues the position of vice president. It's ridiculous!"

The Griffiths members, at this moment, once again spoke out against Victoria.

All sorts of abuse and accusations made Victoria completely ashamed.

She lowered down her head. Her eyes was red, teardrops rolled down her face as she stubbornly wiped them away.