Dragon Master

Chapter 20 Get It for You

"Got it?

Maximilian, don't joke with me!"

Victoria froze. She was angry.

It was so urgent, but Maximilian still joked with her.

Didn't he know how important the contract was?

When Maximilian still wanted to explain something, Victoria laid down and turned her back to him.

Helplessly, Maximilian had to silently accompany her.

“Victoria, everything you've suffered, I, Maximilian, will remember.

You're destined to be the envy of all at Griffith family party tomorrow night!

Whatever you want, I, Maximilian, will have it ready for you!”

In the next evening, the Griffith family booked a small hall in a four-star hotel in H City and held a mid-year party.

At the entrance of the hotel, a beautiful figure was waiting for a long time with a faint anxiety and anger.

Victoria had arrived a long time ago and had been anxiously looking at her wrist watch as she waited for Maximilian.

“Where is he? I told him to dress up for the occasion. Does he run away? Every family members should take part in the mid-year party, but every time Maximilian was the target for the crowd's ridicule. No way, he had to be the clown. But this time, will Maximilian be different?”

Victoria shook her head in self-deprecation. She actually had a fantasy about Maximilian.

"Victoria," Maximilian was running hurriedly with a grin on his face, and said,

"You must have been waiting for a long time.’

Victoria glanced at Maximilian coldly and said unhappily,

"Why are you here so late. Why do you still look like this when I told you to change your outfit?"

Maximilian touched his nose and answered,

"I don't have too many clothes. Besides, I've been like this for so many years. It will be fine.”

Victoria's beautiful eyebrows twisted, her face displeased, but she didn't say anything any more.

What else was there to expect?

In the past, she was always the one who was ridiculed the most. Victoria was used to it.

Besides, even if Maximilian, the no-good guy wore the royal robes, nothing would change.

Moreover, Franklin would definitely not let her go tonight.

Thus, Victoria spoke coldly,

"Well, you are not allowed to speak without my permission later, and you should say whatever I tell you to say in case they would laugh at you then, okay?"

Maximilian nodded and grinned with a look of indifference.

Seeing Maximilian's dangling appearance, Victoria could not wait to kick him out.