Dragon Master

Chapter 16 Who Dares to be Rude

Maximilian had fierce murderous intentions with a cold face, serious tone and expression.

Nina also shuddered violently and unconsciously took two steps backwards!

What was so special with this guy?

How could he have such a terrifying vigour!

He was even scarier than Mr. Doyle!

Moreover, this straightforward vigour was not just a little bit terrifying, but it could depress one to breathlessness!

An illusion?

This bloke, who the hell was he?

Nina quickly calmed down, her eyes cold, and grunted,

"Miss Green, this young man with a handsome face seems to be quite powerful. Doesn't he know this is Mr. Doyle's territory?"

Sasha smiled faintly.

Benjamin Doyle?

So what!

In front of this Mr. Maximilian, everything in the world is just like a mole ant, and nothing could be feared!

Not to mention Benjamin Doyle, even Connor Davies would have to respect Mr. Maximilian!

"Nina, I'm warning you for the last time. Take us there right now. Otherwise, you should be responsible for the consequence!"

Sasha had reminded for so many times, so what happened afterwards was entirely Nina's own doing!

Moreover, Sasha was impatient because she could feel Maximilian was filled with murderous intentions!

Sasha, who had always been steady, actually turned around directly at this moment, walking to the bar, and copied a wine bottle and smashed it violently before placing it against Nina's neck!

"Nina, don't challenge my patience!" Sasha shouted.

Nina's face trembled and quickly turned white, her eyebrows narrowing down as she stared at the mouth of the broken bottle only an inch from her delicate neck, gulping down her saliva.

"Sasha, don't go too far!

This is the territory of Mr. Doyle, not Connor Davies!"

Shouted Nina, clenching her fist.

Sasha tipped the bottle in her hand forward, and Nina's delicate neck was cut right through, oozing blood as Sasha said in a cold voice,

“Again, where is Miss Griffith?"

At that moment, Nina was really scared!

She had never seen Sasha so angry before. Was it just for the man in front of her?

What the hell was he?

"Miss Hussain!"

At this time, more than a dozen hatchet men gathered around, fierce and vicious, and surrounded Sasha and Maximilian inside.

They could have knocked these two out at the command of Nina!

The fight was going to begin and the atmosphere in the hall was thick with tension!

However...at this moment, Maximilian, who was surrounded by a dozen hatchet men was cold and fearless, and a piercing cold aura was reflected within his deep pupils!

The rage that was almost on the verge of spewing out made the dozen or so hatchet men stop!