Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 151: Thank You for Letting Go of Allen

"Do you know the phone number of the Brook Family?”


Nicole thought it was time to have a good talk with Rachel Brook, the old lady of the Brook Family.


The secretary hesitated for a long time, and finally gave the phone number to Nicole.


Nicole knew that without the approval of Rachel, the secretary would never disclose the telephone number of the Brooks’. The reason why she hesitated was that Allen did not let her speak.


Allen never wanted her to bear the criticism and burden of the Brook Family.


In her life, she couldn't fall in love with a man like Allen.


Because he was too perfect, too gentle, and too considerate and people could not find a trace of shortcomings. He was admirable and people dared not blaspheme.


Such a man should have a woman who loved him wholeheartedly, instead of her, a woman with someone else's children and living with another man. She was not worthy of him.


Looking at the phone number in her hand, Nicole took a deep breath and dialed it directly.


The phone was answered by a servant.


Nicole introduced herself and the servant quickly transferred her call. Soon, a commanding voice came.


"Miss Nicole, I'm Rachel Brook.”


Lady Rachel was so serious, indifferent, and dignified.


Nicole took a deep breath and said, "Lady Rachel, I'm calling you for Allen.’


"You should know that Allen loves you. You have delayed him for five years. My grandson is no longer young. He is 29 years old this year, and will soon be 30. Although there are many descendants of Brook Family, Allen is the only one who has made great achievements. Miss Nicole, do you understand what I mean?"


Nicole had never felt ashamed before. She had always thought that she had the ability to support herself. Even though Allen was willing to take care of her, she had also tried her best to match the position and salary that Allen offered. But at this moment, under the pressure of Rachel, Nicole suddenly felt ashamed.


"I'm sorry, Lady Rachel.”


"I don't want to hear your apology. Five years ago, Allen insisted on bringing you back. At that time, you were injured all over, and you were even pregnant with another man's baby. We_ did not agree with your relationship and Allen. After all, the Brook Family is a well-known family, and Allen's wife must be a girl from respectable family. In any case, a woman like you is not worthy of him.”


Nicole felt ashamed.


Five years ago, Allen protected her and her children, but also angered the Brooks. So, Allen had a bad time in the Brook Family in the past five years. However, he never complained in front of her. He still treated her as well as usual.


Nicole thought she did not deserve such a deep feeling. She had been thinking about how to do to repay Allen for his kindness, but had not found it so far.


Nicole didn't say a word. Lady Rachel continued, “Allen is a stubborn man. He has done so much for you in the past five years. He tried his best to raise your children, and even refused all blind dates. In the past five years, I have also seen your efforts, and I can see that you are not a woman who is snob. Although I do mind that you have two children, Allen is not too young and I am old. I just want to ask you, if Allen marries you, do you agree or disagree?"


Nicole was shocked by Lady Rachel's words.


What was going on?